During the 20 years as a choreographer, I have come across several examples of choreographers totally disregards common courtesy. I am talking about choreographers making a dance to the same song as a existing dance. Unless it’s a totally different level, DON’T. It’s a total lack of respect for your colleague. Do your research before you make any dance.
I myself have been a victim of this at least three times. To the songs: Fairytale by Alexander Rybak, Hold On Be Strong by Maria Haukaas Storeng, 1-2-3 by Ann Tayler other choreographers (known AND unknown) made dances to the same song.
Another thing is manipulating the charts. Eiter by making a script or asking people to join them in clicking on their dance several times to get as many views as possible.
Do you REALLY think we won’t notice? If you are a totally unknow choreographer and have a crap dance in the top 10 of any chart? You only pisses us off.
The third and last thing for now, is asking friends and relatives through social media to vote for them or their dance at different awads. Every year ahead of Crystal Boot Awards I get mails from certain choreographers to please vote for them or their dance. REALLY? It’s like buying votes. Do you think that is right? Think about it… IF you won an award, wow, what a sweet victory! Right? Do you really wanna win if it’s not deserved?
One of the first reactions I get when talking to people about this, is that it’s almost impossible to get a dance from unknown choreographers out on the scene. Yes, it IS hard. It’s too many people making dances. I don’t use the word choreographer on purpose, because you are not a choreographer even though you have made a dance or two.
Complains about the face that most people pick dances from the KNOWN choreographers and the lesser knows don’t even get a chance, I say there is a REASON why most people pick those dances, there is a REASON for that those choreographers have made it. It’s simple, they make better dances.
Not always, but most of the times. THAT is why we pick dances from the better know choreographers.
IF you make a dance that is good, and to good music and it deserves to be out there, it will happen. Eventually….

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