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Latest dances

Rave in the Grave

32 counts, intermediate.

Not a rumba

144 counts, intermediate

play with me

20 counts, improver +

bright side of life

32 counts, improver

All Dances

1-2-364 counts, Intermediate29. April 2010
A Little Closer32 counts, beginnerOctober 2014
Add ‘Em All Up64 takter, intermediateJuni 2000
Ain’t It Funny Cha32 takter, intermediateMai 2001
Alfie32 takter, beginnerSeptember 2006
All Join Hands24 takter, beginner waltzJuni 2002
Am I?32 takter, intermediate rumbaApril 2008
Are Your Eyes Still Blue96 takter, intermediate two-stepNovember 2005
Atter En Solskinnsdag32 takter, improverMai 2007
Baby Keep Smiling64 takter, intermediateSeptember 2004
Back In Baby’s Arms32 takter, beginnerFebruar 2005
Back When32 takter, improverJuni 2005
Bad Things32 takter, beginnerFebruar 2010
Bang-A-Boomerang32 takter, beginnerApril 2010
Be By You64 takter, improverNovember 2005
Beer Or Gasoline64 takter, intermediateJanuar 2011
Believer16 takter, improver night clubJuni 2017
Bella Bella64 takter, phrased AB linedance, improverNovember 2006
Bling Bling Here32 takter, improverNovember 2015
Bombadilla Life80 takter, intermediateApril 2010
The Boss32 takter, intermediateSeptember 2005
Bright Side Of Life32 takter, improverFebruar 2019
Brothers Under The Sun48 takter, intermediate waltzOctober 2005
Burning32 takter, advanced nigth clubNovember 2004
Buzz32 takter, improverMars 2005
Cadillac Tears32 takter, beginner east coast swingSeptember 2002
Can’t Get Enough32 takter, intermediateApril 2007
The CallFebruar 2001
Caterina64 takter, intermediate noveltyJuni 2011
Change In My Pocket48 takter, intermediateAugust 2000
Chicken Rodeo96 takter, intermediate noveltyFebruary 2007
Couldn’t Care Less32 takter, intermediateNovember 2016
Criminal32 takter, intermediateOktober 2011
Cross Every River32 takter, intermediate night clubApril 2006
Cross My Heart64 takter, intermediateJanuar 2004
Darlin’32 takter, improverNovember 2015
Don’t Count Me Out64 takter, intermediate +Desember 2002
Don’t Cry For Louie64 takter, intermediateAugust 2001
Don’t Know Why48 takter, improverJuni 2003
Don’t Make Me Beg64 takter, improverMai 2001
Dream Away16 takter, improver + night clubJanuar 2015
Easy Does It
Easy Come,
Easy Go
Easy Rockin’
En Solskinnsdag
The Escape
Feed You My Love
Festival Fun
Frontin’ On Me
Girls Night Out
Hey Ho
Hold On
Hold On Be Strong
Hur Gör Vi Nu
I Won’t Cry
In Control
In Hell
It’s Not Funny
Jingle Bell Swing
Just A Friend
Killer Love
The Kinser Influence
Let’s Get Happy
Like Me –
Only Prettier
Livets Lyse Side
Long Distance Call
Mad Summer
Mistletoe And Wine
Mosquito Boogie
My First Cherry Pie
My Kind Of Country
My Name Is Stain
Never Ending Love
Not Without Us
Perfect Love
Play With Me
På Leit
Rave In The Grave
Rock Mi
Rockin’ Little X-Mas
Roll With The Wind
Rudolph The Reindeer’s Hangover
Run Sue, Run!
Sarah’s Angel
Say My Name No More
Scared Of Heights
Sealed With A Kiss
Seasons In The Sun
Shakin’ With Shaky
Shame On Me
She Danced
Singing The Blues
Small Town Girl
Sticky Hands
Strange Heart
Sturm Und Drang
Sugar And Pie
Sunny Afternoon
Take Back Yesterday
Taube’s Waltz
That Don’t Bother Me
Theme For A Dream
This Is That
Tell Me Why It Hurts
Tired Of Being Sorry
Trouble Is A Friend
Two-Steppin’ Christmas
Un, Dos, Tres
Under The Mango Tree
Walk With Me
What Now?
Win The Race
Wooden Heart
Wrapped Around Again
You Were There32 takter, beginnerJuni 2002
Young Turks64 takter, intermediateSeptember 2017
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all

In the beginning

Cato started dancing when no one knew what a big craze line dancing would be.

May 1997 was the date…

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