Line Dancing with

Cato Larsen

Hello There!

I'm Cato Larsen

Line Dancing have been a huge part of my life for the past 27 years now.
Starting a small class in May ’97, it have grown to 8-10 classes per week.


Featured Dances:


Choreographed to my 25th +1 Anniversary in May 2023.

32 counts, Intermediate

Music: Effort by Svea.

Dead Man Walking

When Svea (she’s the one with the song Effort) released a new cool song, I just had to choreograp a new dance. This is the result:

32 counts, Easy Intermediate

Music: Dead Man Walking by Svea.

To Hell & Back

Choreographed for a workshop in Finland. Airport code for Helsinki in Finland is HEL.

I just LOVE this catchy tune.

32 counts, Intermediate

Music: Take You To Hell by Ava Max

Nights Of Thunder

I just couldn’t resist this song. So it just had to be a dance to it too.

64 counts, Advanced

Music: Nights Of Thunder by Keiino


Investing in knowledge is the best investment!

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My Most Recent Dance

Dead Man Walking is my most recent dance. It was choreographed when I heard the new relese of Svea, the Swedish girl who also sang Effort. Another dance choreography of mine.


32 Counts, 2 wall, Easy Intermediate
2 Tags, 2 Restarts.

Svea Virginia Kågemark, born 1999


Some Of My Own Favorites

from my own catalog of choreographies


16 Counts, 2 walls, Improver Level
No tags, no restarts.
Night Club motion

Music: Believer by Imagine Dragons


An ode to Japanese language.

64 Counts, 2 walls, Intermediate Level
1 restart, no tags.

Music: Makudonarudo (Tokyo Bon) – Namewee

Beer Or Gasoline

In a time where most country dances were beginners and improvers, I though we were in need of a more advanced country dance. This is what I came up with:

64 counts, 2 walls, Intermediate level
2 restarts, no tags.

Music: Beer or Gasoline by Chris Young

Un, Dos, Tres

Samba Style, beginner dance.

32 Counts, 2 walls, Beginner level.
No tags, no restarts.

Music: 1,2,3 – Sofia Reyes
(feat Jason Derulo).


Recommended Dances

These are some of the dances I really like and enjoy to dance socially and teach in my own classes.
Any choreographer. Not my own dances.

Never Fool Me

48 Counts, 2 walls, Intermediate/Advanced Level
No tags, no restarts.
Funky Swing.

Choreographed by:
Jo Thompson, Shane McKeever & Roy Hadisubroto

Music: Never Gonna Fool Me by Matt Dusk

Love With No Meaning

64 Counts, 2 walls, Intermediate Level
2 restarts, no tags.

Choreographed by: Ryan Hunt

Music: 10 Percent by Charlotte Jane.


32 counts, 4 walls, Intermediate level

Choreographed by Mark Furnell & Chris Godden.

Music: Rampampam by Minelli.

One Of Us

32 Counts, 2 walls, Intermediate level.
3 tags, 2 Restarts, 2 Changes of steps.

Choreographed by Mark Furnell & Chris Godden

Music: One Of Us by Abba.